WooCommerce Coupon Code Via URL

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Do you know as per recent studies 69% of customers abandon their online shopping carts instead of purchasing the product or service ?

Prevent Your Customers From Leaving You At The Most Important Time! as you can encourage them complete the purchase by auto apply discounts coupon using our WooCommerce Coupon Code Via URL plugin. Improve conversions of your campaigns efforts via fully automated coupon code apply which is great way to encourage your customers to complete the purchase. Reward (Coupon) your visitors when they visits any page or post or products. This plugin can help you to boost your sales via providing a great way to apply discounts coupons by this smart way.

Why WooCommerce Coupon Code Via URL is a must for your WooCommerce store?

You can utilize the URL of your website current page or post to trigger auto apply any coupons. This implies you can trigger a coupon for any individual who visits your targeted landing page. This is a great method to increase your campaigns conversions and decrease abandoning cart.

You can also help your customers easily apply coupons without remembering any complex ways to apply the code in cart or checkout page which will encourage them to complete the purchases. Measure the success of your pay-per-click ad campaigns by using a URL with automated coupon apply & add additional products to cart.

You can redirect customers if you choose once they’ve visited a coupon URL. This allows you to optionally add products to the cart when the URL is visited and immediately send customers to any page you want, like the cart or checkout page. This reduces as many barriers to purchasing as possible.

Provide personalized coupons to your loyal customers, such as yoursite.com/thanks-james, to connect with your customers easily to grow your loyal customer base.

Key Features of WooCommerce Coupon Code Via URL plugin

  • Apply WooCommerce Coupon Code Via URL Query.
  • Apply WooCommerce Coupon Code Via Unique URL.
  • Auto add products to cart when apply coupon.
  • Auto redirect to your desired page after coupon code apply.
  • Hide Default WooCommerce Coupon Code Field from cart and checkout page.

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